Monday, January 10, 2011

How to Make Flavoured Salts

Herb Salts
Finishing salts works well when wetter sea salt is mixed with dried herbs. The moisture in the salt rehydrates the dried herbs or spices and brings them to life, with a little time. Freshly dried and ground herbs like rosemary and sage are also a good choice. You’d have to use a higher concentration of mild herbs like dried basil, oregano, coriander and bay leaves, which can otherwise be overwhelmed by the salt.

Rosemary – Just strip the rosemary leaves, put into the blender with coarse salt or rock salt, and blend for a few minutes. Great on all things tomato.
Dried, powdered curry leaves
Dried mint
Spicy Salts
Spices like toasted ground cumin seeds, five spice powder and smoked paprika (love anything smoky!) are strong enough so the lightest sprinkle will lend flavour to a dish.

Five spice powder
Coriander seeds
Ground toasted cumin seeds
Roasted sichuan peppercorn
Ground dried chilli peppers (ancho, smoked Serrano, chiptole)
Chilli powder
Smoked paprika (I absolutely love smoked paprika!)
Wasabi (!)
Citrus Salt
Grate the rind of either of the fruits or even a combination and mix with sea salt. You could even dry out the rind before grinding and mixing it with the salt. It’s so good with fish, chicken and vegetables! But again, make these just when you need them since they lose flavour much faster.

Lime or Keffir Lime
You can play around with the concentration of flavouring to your liking (more fun) but otherwise I like to use equal quantities of salt and flavouring. Try these. I’m sure you’ll be thrilled by the results and then you’ll wonder, what you did all this while without it, just like me.

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